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Are you convinced beyond reasonable doubt? If not, then vote no

Just like a jury deciding on a life sentence, voters need to be beyond reasonable doubt regarding the End of Life Choice Act, argues Dunedin lawyer Peter Sara.

Writing in the ODT, Peter says that the same strictures put on jury members need to be placed on us as voters.

"I submit that the proposed euthanasia law is a matter, literally, of life and death. The decision required of each of us in the forthcoming election requires no less than being satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the law should be passed. It is not sufficient, I suggest, that the law appear to be a good idea. Just as juries are warned about the risks of bias and being swayed by emotion, so too should we be certain.

"Parliament has decided that this responsibility is too great and so important that the usual process of representative democracy should not apply. We have to decide. The matter of life and death is in our hands."

Read Peter's full story, via the ODT


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