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Hospice and care - not killing

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Serena Jones faces incurable cancer, yet euthanasia is not an option she supports.

"Seven years ago I was told I had a 25 percent chance of living five years without the cancer returning; two years ago I was given 12 months to live. Plainly the upcoming End of Life Choice referendum concerns me, others like me, and all those involved in my care."

In this moving article Serena describes how the care she receives from Hospice should be made available to all Kiwis.

"There are approximately 30 hospices throughout New Zealand, funded by a blend of government and community fundraising and supported by more than 11,000 volunteers. While the system is open to all Kiwis with life-limiting conditions, not all regional hospitals have a palliative specialist, and many senior doctors have not had any formal palliative care training.

"Let’s understand that dying is an intrinsic part of life. Let’s talk about what end-of-life care actually is and strengthen, extend and improve what we already have in our palliative care. Such care is a commitment, one we need to make. Euthanasia is an avoidance of this commitment."

Read Serena's moving article here.

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