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This Act threatens vulnerable Kiwis

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

“The law should protect people. But this Act doesn’t,” says Dr Sinead Donnelly, a palliative care specialist.

Sinead represents more than 1500 doctors nationwide who signed an open letter opposing the Act.

Speaking to Parliament last year, Sinead spoke powerfully about doctors’ extreme concern that this Act removes protection of law for the most vulnerable in society.

“The bill exposes the vulnerable. As doctors we are deeply concerned… We have no doubt coercion occurs in daily life. The older, frail, mentally unwell, and those with disability can be more open to coercion, which can be extremely subtle. The law should protect people. any change in the law that weakens this protection is unacceptable to us.”

What’s more, she says, euthanasia advocates mislead New Zealanders when they argue ‘intolerable pain’ is the motivation behind assisted dying.

“International research shows that the main reason people support euthanasia is not due to intolerable pain, but is instead people feeling like they are a burden and loneliness... Euthanasia is not the answer to the disease of hopelessness.”

See her powerful presentation here.

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